Balanced Scorecard

Program Duration: 1 day

Training Methods:

  • Online upcoming dates 1 October 
when you have big data or the KPIs are not linked to your strategy and outcomes, it is impossible to prioritize data to inform strategic decisions. This training will help you utilizing data strategically, measure what matters most, and build your Balanced Scorecard to better identify your areas of improvement.

Program Outlines:

  • Balanced Scorecard training will cover the following main four domains:
  • Domain 1: Building Balanced Scorecard (BSC).
  • Domain 2: Fundamentals of setting strategic directions.
  • Domain 3: Selecting KPIs that are aligned to strategy.
  • Domain 4: Manage performance using BSC.

Program Objectives:

 Understand the fundamentals of strategy management.

  • Translate strategy into the right KPIs.
  • Balancing different types of indicators.
  • Understand the principles of balanced scorecard.
  • Build a balanced scorecard.
  • Learn how to identify improvements & monitor performance cycle.
Balanced Scorecard
Program Date: To Be Advised

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