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Wave Health Consultancy

We are a leading expert with over 12 years of experience in professional training (Healthcare Training Programs) development and consultancy solutions for the healthcare industry

Our service stands out to the highest quality standards around the GCC region including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and MENA. With more than 300 training workshops and in- and trained more than 4000 Healthcare professionals.

Wave supports healthcare organizations in identifying and analyzing performance, prioritizing and implementing solutions, and building a robust integrated monitoring system through creating innovative customized solutions.

We provide effective and efficient solutions to achieve accreditation and build the system with the least resources required in line with the institution’s budget.

Our dedicated team of international consultants from the best universities around the world, they work to enhance and to improve the training curriculum to ensure all are up to date for better practices in healthcare organizations, and a group of experienced consultants and experts in various fields of healthcare quality accreditation.

Our Mission: To drive a positive change in healthcare industry, strengthen the processes and to build sustainable development platforms for a safer yet engaging healthcare environment.

Wave Health Consultancy is a member in Continuing Professional Development CPD UK London, we accredit our programs by CPD to ensure that all programs adhere to the highest international standards.


Our Services

Individuals Training

For healthcare professionals who are looking to improve their skills, their knowledge, and to earn international accredit certification.

Cooperate Training

Programs can be tailored and customized for each organization based on their objectives and expected outcomes.

Consultancy Services

  1. Accreditation Preparation & Performance Improvement Advisory Services
  2. End To End Progression Healthcare Solutions
  3. 1:1 Management and Executive Coaching

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