Wave Health Consultancy

For over 10 years of profession in training development and consultancy solutions for the healthcare industry. We have successfully differentiated ourselves from other organizations through high quality training and customer service excellency.

Our Mission: To drive a positive change in healthcare industry, strengthen the processes and to build sustainable development platforms for a safer yet engaging healthcare environment.


Our Services

We have a dedicated team of international consultants, they work to enhance and to improve the training curriculum to ensure all are up to date for better practices in healthcare organizations


Quarterly Training Programs

For healthcare professionals who are looking to improve their skills, their knowledge, and to earn international accredit certification.

Cooperate In-House Training

Specially tailored and customized for each organization based on their objectives and expected outcomes.

List of Training Programs

For healthcare professionals who are looking to improve their skills, their knowledge, and to earn international accredit certification.

1. Quality and accreditation:

  • Certified Healthcare Quality and Accreditation Professional (CHQAP).
  • Laboratory Quality Management and Accreditation.
  • Healthcare Information Management for Quality and performance Improvement.
  • Healthcare Facility Management and Safety.
  • Applying Statistical Process Control Using SPSS.
  • Six Sigma.
  • Medication Management.
  • Quality Tools &Techniques.

2. Pre-Certification for American board programs:

  • Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality CPHQ preparation course.
  • Certified Professional in Patient Safety.
  • CBPPS Preparation Course.
  • Certified Board in Healthcare Risk Management.
  • CBHRM Preparation Course.
  • CBSPD for CSSD professionals.

 3. Patient Safety & Risk Management:

  • Patient Safety.
  • Risk Management.
  • Infection Control.
  • Safe Hospital Design.

4. Management & Leadership:

  • Certified Leadership and Change Management.
  • Healthcare Management.
  • Key Performance Indicators KPI.
  • Project management Professional for Healthcare PMP.
  • Train of the Trainer TOT.
  • Toward Excellence in Healthcare.
  • Marketing for Healthcare Organization.

Wave Health Consultancy is Certified Member in CPD Certification Services

UK – London


Healthcare Quality and Accreditation Consultancy Services

Our focus is to identify the measures and to support the healthcare organization to implement the best practices in quality and patient safety. We offer advice, support and we provide innovative solutions through:

1. Accreditation Preparation advisory services for Hospitals, Ambulatory Care, Clinics and Laboratories in ccompliance with different accreditation systems as:

  • Joint Commission International JCI.
  • Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutes CBAHI.
  • Australian Council on Healthcare Standards International ACHSI.
  • ISO 15189 for Clinical Laboratory services.

2. Performance improvement solutions such as:

  • Medication Management.
  • Infection Control.
  • Risk Management.
  • Quality Control.
  • Central Sterilization.
  • Clinical Process Improvement.
  • Nursing Practices in Compliance with the Magnet Recognition Program.

Healthcare Management Consultancy Services

With knowledge and vast experience in business management and healthcare services, a combined with regional partners. We assure our clients to have the highest quality service for best operation.

We offer comprehensive and tailored plans to guide and support investors who are new or current in healthcare business. Our plans include fundamental steps from identifying business opportunities, business studies all the way to targeting new local and regional markets, business profitability and sustainability.

  • New feasibility studies and business plans.
  • Start-ups consultation.
  • Registration, licensing.
  • System & Information Technology
  • Marketing and Business Development.
  • Events Management.

Our Clients