Healthcare Facility Management and Safety FMS Training Program

Program Duration: 2- 3 Days

Program Outlines

  • Introduction to the eight FMS Programs
  • (Safety, Security, Hazardous Materials, Internal Disaster, External Disaster, Utility, and Biomedical Plans)
    • Understanding the differences between policy, plans and program
    • Proper documents to satisfy any accreditations, national or International, (JCIA, CAP, CBAHI …)
    • Understanding KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and quality improvement projects
    • Fire detection/suppressions system (inspection, testing and PPM)
    • PASS & RACE, safety inspections and fire zoning
    • Security plans and routing security rounds
    • Safe handling of and inventory of hazmat
    • Overview of internal/external disasters
    • Utility systems
  1. PPM, failures, and retirement of equipment
  2. Medical gases and medical air
  • Biomedical equipment (inventory, PPM, and retirement of equipment)


The training program Can be conducted over 3 days (2 days theory and 1 day practical) covering the eight (8) FMS elements of healthcare setting.

Healthcare Facility Management and Safety FMS Training Program

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