Certified Healthcare Innovation Professional – Module1: Healthcare Innovation

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Certified Healthcare Innovation Professional – Module1: Healthcare Innovation



Training Method: Online Interactive training 

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About Program

The majority of this innovation has been focused on the development of new drugs, medical devices, diagnostic procedures, and therapies now is the time to bring the delivery of healthcare services up to par with the modern world.

An innovative mindset in healthcare is needed to improve quality, enhance the patient experience, reduce harm, improve access, increase efficiency, eliminate waste, and lower costs.

The Certificate in Healthcare Innovation empowers healthcare industry professionals from senior executives to aspiring managers to foster effective, innovative environments and deliver results from new innovations

Module 1: Innovation in Healthcare

To understand how healthcare players can use, capitalize and profit from innovation in healthcare covering the following topics

  • The Doblin 10-types of Innovation framework
  • Drivers of innovation in healthcare
  • Key stakeholders of healthcare innovation and their functions
  • Challenges of healthcare innovation
  • Adopting and implementing innovations
  • Design Thinking Principles in Healthcare
  • Framework for understanding innovations in healthcare management
  • Healthcare innovation case study

Certificate Granted: Certified Healthcare Innovation Professional by EFESO Europe.

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