Emotional Intelligence – Online

1.200,00 AED

Emotional Intelligence – Online



Program Objectives:

During this course you will acquire personal tools that you can use to influence, direct and control the outcome disregard the situation and circumstances. Emotional Intelligence has been identified as one of the most important personal and leadership skills. This course will help you to:

Program Outlines:

Understand the importance of emotional Intelligence

Differentiate Managing vs. controlling though processes, emotions and behaviors.

Understand why people react the way they do

Learn to “read” people

Learn to influence

Understand manipulation

Create own, unique sense of personal power

Identify your own triggers that make you act and react in a certain way

Learn how to break the habits and behavioral patterns

Learn how emotions influence decision making processes

Understand emotions and how they impact innovative and creative processes


Team level:

  • Learn how to create a meaningful, engaged and motivated workforce
  • Creating followers and leaders
  • Learn how to empower team members by using your own emotional intelligence grid
  • Manage difficult situations and people


Personal level:

  • Understand how to manage stress, anger, ego, emotions of guilt, extremely high sense of responsibility.
  • Understand the meaning of self-sabotage, imposter syndrome and how to overcome it
  • Identify your own emotional grid
  • Understand how to manage your emotional intelligence

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