Personal and Professional Improvement and Career Growth – Online

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Personal and Professional Improvement and Career Growth – Online



The program aims to raise the efficiency of professional with a focus on developing the personal skills and capabilities includes confidence, emotional intelligence, time management, habits, and feelings which are among the most needed skills for a person to develop himself, with a focus on improving the mental health of the participants and increase the happiness by maintaining the positivity in life and break through the next Level.

The program will focus on boosting participants performance potential and careers; to reach their goals and to raise their potential in order to achieve their goals, close the gap between who you are today and where you would like to be in the future by knowing the secret of success and characteristics of successful people

The program covers the following topics

Personal Improvement

تطوير الذات

Build Self confidence

الثقة بالنفس

Emotional Intelligence at workplace

الذكاء العاطفي

The role of Mind

وظائف العقل البشري

Characteristics of successful people

خصائص الناجحون

Success secrets

اسرارا النجاح

Get rid of negative Habits

التخلص من العادات السلبية

Establish a positive habit

ترسيخ العادات الإيجابية

Time Management

ادارة الوقت

The law of attraction and success mindset

قانون الجذب والنجاح

Achieving goals

تحقيق الاهداف


About Trainer Farah Fakhouri:

She is serial entrepreneur and management professional with over 17 years of experience, she has coached, mentored and delivered change in professional’s lives and businesses.

Certified Rapid Transformational Coach (RTT) from Marisa Peer School in UK. Certified NLP and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Farah holds a Bachelor degree in Business Economics, Postgraduate Diploma in TQM Healthcare from the American University.

She is a member of Royal Society of Medicine in the UK and International Association of Counselors and Therapists in USA.

All the above made her committed to delivering excellency and contributing to the improvement of the business sector and individuals’ life, She use latest cutting-edge techniques and create operational models that impact efficiencies, quality and safety in business industry.

Farah Fakhouri

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19-20 Feb 2024