Certified Leadership Professional Program – Online

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Certified Leadership Professional Program – Online



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Training Methods: Online Live Interactive Training 

 About Program:

If you are ready to hit the “reset” button, this entirely new approach to leadership offers you new ways of thinking about and helps bring your leadership skills to the next level

Communicating that will result in more authentic conversations and deeper, more satisfying relationships.


Program outlines: 

1. Understanding business operations and challenges
– Market analysis and competition research
– Business models and value proposition
– Risk management and contingency planning
2. Developing effective communication and interpersonal skills
– Emotional intelligence and empathy
– Active listening and feedback
– Public speaking and presentation skills
3. Time management and prioritization
– Goal setting and task prioritization
– Delegation and team collaboration
– Tools and techniques for effective time management
4. Understanding business regulations and compliance requirements
– Government regulations and legal requirements
– Compliance frameworks and standards (e.g., ISO, HIPAA)
– Ethics and corporate social responsibility
5. Effective leadership styles and strategies
– Transformational leadership and inspiring vision
– Situational leadership and adaptive behavior
– Servant leadership and empowerment
6. Managing conflict and difficult conversations in business settings
– Conflict resolution and negotiation
– Crucial conversations and difficult feedback
– Mediation and arbitration processes
7. Building and leading effective teams in business
– Team building and group dynamics
– Talent acquisition and retention
– Performance evaluation and feedback
8. Performance management and goal setting in business organizations
– Performance metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs)
– Performance appraisal and feedback
– Continuous learning and development
9. Understanding financial management and budgeting in business
– Financial statements and analysis
– Budgeting and forecasting
– Financial risk management and investment decisions
10. Change management and adapting to new business policies and procedures
– Change management models and frameworks
– Strategies for overcoming resistance to change
– Communication plans for implementing new policies and procedures


Program Includes

  • Program PPT and Educational Material
  • E-Books and Bonuses in leadership
  • Case Studies
  • Certificate By The London Excellence Academy
  • 10 CPD /CME Hours

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19-20-21 July 2024