Certified Healthcare Leadership and Change Management Professional

Program Duration: 2-3 days

 About Program:

 This is a program that equips participants with the required leadership skills to manage teams, think critically, resolve most common team problems and manage change within organisations. It contains elements of personal transformation needed to achieve organisational transformation. It points out how to diagnose areas that need change and how to implement the desired change with the focus on personal leadership skills.


The program will shed light on personal leadership requirements in the rapidly changing world and working environments


Program Outlines:


•    Management vs. leadership
•    Transitioning to leadership
•   Implementing your personal leadership brand taking stock
•    Leadership shadow and skills
•    Motivating, Controlling & Coordinating people
•    Working with others – how to build networks
•    Alliances and power
•    Becoming more effective at how to make hard decisions.



Change Management 
•   Change on the personal level
•    Change on the organizational level
•    Models of Implementing change
•    Brief overview of frameworks
•    Holistic approach to change
•    Self-reflection on how change affects oneself finding balance
•    Personal attitude towards change
•    How to manage change in all areas of life
•    Changing ecosystem
•    Working culture change & Building resilience


Program Includes

  • Program PPT and Educational Material
  • E-Books and Bonuses in leadership and change management
  • Case Studies
  • Certificate of Professional Development by CPD, UK
  • 10 CPD /CME Hours
Certified Healthcare Leadership and Change Management Professional

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